Fundación Capa 8

Fundación capa 8

We are founding members and responsible for the alliances area in Fundación Capa 8(Capa 8 Foundation), institution that promotes an open, free and safe cyberspace.



We support blockchain development in the country through our alliance with Aris, an administrative fund that invests in fledgling projects based on this technology.

Groupe Velourse

Groupe Velours

Experts in security and risk management, the French consultancy Group Velours has chosen us as a strategic partner to deploy their services in the country.

Instituto de Criminalística Argentino

Instituto de Criminalística Argentino (IUCA)

We assist IUCA, educational institution that gathers the most renowned Argentinian forensic professionals, to access the latest technological innovations available in their field.

RZ Sistemas

RZ Sistemas (RZ SYSTEMS)

We collaborate with the inclusion of the electronic prescription developed by RZ Sistemas to reduce costs, improve the service and add transparency, agility and innovation to the procedures of medicine dispensation in the primary health care infrastructure.

Grupo SAVI

Grupo SAVI

We help Grupo SAVI (SAVI Group) , the independent real estate investments firm, to add value to each stage of their clients´ investment life-cycle through an active management of their portfolios.

e-Tech Simulation

E-Tech Simulation

The simulation division at E-Tech Simulation, a part of e-Tech, relies on us for bringing their training systems to the market, to be used in sectors such as education, construction, mining, ports and industries in general.